Hello there!

My name is Amara Hulslander. I am currently a senior UX designer at Amazon.com. In the evenings and weekends I also teach at the University of Colorado-Denver and General Assembly-Denver. I’ve recently joined the European Innovation Academy as a UX mentor. I am a proud alumnae of Iowa State University (MS Human-Computer Interaction, 2016), California State University-San Bernardino (BA Art, Graphic Design, 2007) and Rio Hondo College (AA General Education, 2003).

What I love most about design is the impact it has on society. It can shape the way people perceive their world, provide them with the necessary tools to go about their daily lives, and shift their way of thinking. Design requires empathy, attention to detail, and patience, and it is a personal responsibility that I do not take lightly. I seek to make technology more human-friendly, to translate the digital environment into something worth exploring, and to create a positive and lasting impact on a person’s life in some way.


Teaching design has been one of my more enriching endeavors. I believe that true success comes from helping others, not from hoarding opportunities. My ultimate goal is to prepare my students to become the most valuable design thinkers our world has ever known, so that they are equipped to solve the most difficult human-facing technological problems that we’ve yet to identify.

If you’d like to download my resume, you can do so here.