Project Roadmap Workshops


Product roadmap workshops are the lifeblood of any product team. As the 3-year UX design and research lead for the warranties team (as well as a loyal warranties customer), I have unique perspective and appreciation for this product space. In order for us to come up with a robust backlog of ideas, I help plan, coordinate, and summarize findings from project roadmap workshops for our multi-disciplinary team. I use the opportunity to present the latest UX design thinking and research, and then help the team through a series of divergence and convergence exercises. We gradually brainstorm and construct customer-centric product pitches for consideration and narrow down priorities on the roadmap.

Success story:

In 2022, 25+ employees traveled in to Denver (from London, Seattle, Austin, and San Francisco) for our warranties 3-year planning workshop. Hosting this session in one physical location helped the cross-functional team form an initial 3YP in 3 days. It has taken 10+ days in the past when coordinating summits and brainstorming sessions in separate cities and remotely.

Up-front collaboration across job families enabled us to create a skeleton plan that incorporated 190+ submitted feature and initiative ideas. A truncated one-day workshop in 2019 yielded 118 features and initiatives.

My role:

As the UX lead on the warranties team, I organized brainstorming divergence/convergence workshops, product ideation activities, design demos, UX research presentations, concept poster workshops, and more.

A peek at the process: