Amazon Warranties – Merchandising Initiatives




UX Design & Research Lead

About this project:

Warranties provide consumer electronics customers with peace of mind when making large purchases. Per research insights, customers who have purchased warranties in the past have a high propensity to re-purchase again. However, there is a large percentage of customers who need more details before committing to the purchase. When warranties cost between 10-25% of the purchase price of the product, customers need to understand the value of the warranty.

My solution was to design an experience that would allow customers to explore multiple offerings before purchasing or declining a warranty. Customers wanted straightforward language and more linear paths to purchasing a warranty. Customers also wanted multiple attach mechanisms due to their non-linear shopping journeys. Those are scoped for future releases. I conducted generative research and contextual inquiries which heavily informed the UX design solutions you see here. At launch we focused on merchandising lump sum (1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-year plans) and 360-coverage options.


  • 180M+ impressions worldwide
  • 0.05% increase in sales

Mobile design:

Desktop design: